Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Thermodynamic database for nuclear fuels and
reactor materials

Thermodynamic database for nuclear fuels and reactor materials

Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) has been developing and compiling a thermodynamic database of nuclear fuels and reactor materials for multi-purposes, including the prediction of fuel degradation progression in severe accident conditions and the characterization of chemical properties of fuel debris.

The Gibbs energy functions of the phases and substances which may potentially appear under normal or off-normal conditions are evaluated and accumulated in the database. The functions are formulated using solution models by the CALPHAD methods. In parallel, JAEA have been developing a simplified method for evaluating solidus and liquidus plane in multi-element system, based on the database.

The phase diagrams, thermodynamic data and liquidus-solidus surfaces calculated using the database are introduced in this website.

The current database includes about 80 phase diagrams of binary and higher-order systems, about 90 thermodynamic data tables of compounds (including nonstoichiometric compounds), and liquidus and solidus surfaces for three systems.

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The development of the database has been performed in “Advanced Multi-scale Modeling and Experimental Tests on Fuel Degradation in Severe Accident Conditions”, which was supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan.

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